Simply incredible Tantra Massage pleasures for 1,  2 or 3 hours

Let go & Let pleasure==Lie back, relax & be totally passive...XXperience whole-body vibrations you will never forget...I push you to the highest state of arousal several times with a sexy lingam dance...PLUS continual deep breathing creates an awesome point of no return...Learn simple Tantric Massage techniques that help you go from one level to the next & you can use with your partner or alone.

Tantralizing Massage & Tantra Seduction 101

My XXplosive Tantralizing Massage is Las Vegas best kept secret!!! XXperience the sexy highs and lows of my seductive prolong teasing and building stamina techniques, carefully designed to send shivers and quivers through your whole body. My hand mastery will take you to paradise...unrushed..

Ckout My TOPLESS Crown Jewels & Sensual & Erotic Tantric Style Massage

Come experience Las Vegas' Most Exquisite Initiatress of Tantric Pleasures. Be seduced by a creamy boobi-licious Combo of pure heat & unbridled passion. I love to slip and slide all over your body combined with my fiery Tantric touches dipping into every crevice. Drip*Dripp*Dripping with intensity is the ultimate dramatic finish i promise you.

Experience the absolute best Tantra Massage by Sahara...Black Tigress in the desert

(Bronze-level 1)**my signature style & most requested** is $200/hr or $300/90 minutes or $400/120 minutes--sustaining & directing a high voltage of kundalini energy, creative STOP-START feel good prolong teasingtm & escalating arousal** you will xxperience the "hold back" method==my way**keeping count of every stroke while pushing you to a state of near utopia over and over**, tingly lingam massage (wand of light), sweet external spot & male g-spot manipulation (face2face or on your knees)==the "Aneros" stimulator included in sessions 90 minutes & over--creates a whole lotta shakin'... I love to use masks to heighten nonvisual sensations, sensual tie-ups, flirtatious feathers & puffs, stamina training units & a cornucopia of other erotic items to enhance and initiate long-lasting moments of ineffable joy..GOOD things come 2 those who can wait!!!

Supreme Initiatress of Tantric Pleasures

Be treated like a King in my mini-getaway 2 paradise. Spine tingling Tantra massages will leave you in "melt" mode as I slowly generate and intensify arousal to the highest level. My magical hands and fingers will take you to the point of no return.

Las Vegas Most Exquisite Black Tantric Tigress in the desert

I always keep your grand finale on hold, keeping you in this delicious limbo--the longer, the better. My xxplosive hands on-body on maneuvers are unrivaled. My nails slip and glide gently over every inch of your body and I leave you breathless with vibrations of little mini earthquakes from head-2-toe.

Tantralizing MMMassage & SiZZZling Tantric & Body2Body Combo

I incorporate some tricky handiwork to caress, massage, tickle and turn on all your erogenous zones. Experience the best full body prolong teasing Tantra Massage for 60/90/120 minutes or longer OR a Sizzling sliquid Body2Body Combo for 75 minutes. Use a coupon and get both massages for 90 minutes

Sahara's Tantric Ratings

**45-minute Tantrotic Massage for 1st timers===Nice
**1-hour Tantra Massage===Beneficial
**90-minute Tantra Massage===Grand
**2-hour  Zentastic Tantra Massage===Preferable
**3-hour Tantra Bonanza Massage===Prime

Sahara's Pledge

Fall under the spell of my Tantric magnetism. I send ripples of waves through every inch of your body. My Tantra sessions are uniquely eqipped to take you to the highest level of arousal. Call between the hours of 9am and midnight/7 days to arrange an appt

Soar to new heights with a Deliciously satisfying Tantra Massage
Powerful Tantric techniques will drive you wild with the addition of wiggling, tingling, rotating, tickling and vibrating pleasure toys. Tantalize your senses for an hour, 90 minutes, or 2-3 hours. Explore new levels of pulsating pleasure and endless delights. Expand your boundaries for a change. Give in to an ahhh-mmmazzzing Tantralizing session with Sahara. Call 702-369-3169//9a-1130p//7 days//by appt only

Tantric Combo for 75 or 90 minutes
-Combo of Tantra & Body2Body Tango Massage is $250/75 minutes--(2nd most requested & my signature style)==both massages combined with repeating cycles of stimulation and several pauses, our slick, pepee oiled bodies are pressed 2gether in a rubbing embrace with up-and-down slithering motions...creating an oasis of pleasure & volcanic eruptions***earth shattering tremors all over ** powerful intense wave-like pulsations and a definite sensory overload with a creamy boob finale ***not on PVC sheet unless requested.

Experience the Tantric Art of Erotic Touch by Sahara

My creative and "signature style" Tantra Massage sends you into a paroxysm of pleasure--turning you on and on--over and over with lots of erotic tickling, squeezing, teasing, caressing and kinky strokes until you can't take it anymore...One hour, 90 minutes, 2-3 hours Tantra sessions are available...

Tantra Heaven w/ Passion, Intrigue & Desire
I keep you sooo close to the edge--slowly generating & intensifying arousal..We will build up to high peaks of xxcitement, ride that wave , then let the energy subside a little, then build again to higher and higher levels. Can you handle this addictive stroke by stroke test to heaven?..

From the book, Red Hot Tantra by David Ramsdale and Cynthia W. Gentry

Tantra teaches that human beings naturally seek the highest possible pleasure because in the essence of pleasure shines their true nature.  In Sanskrit, this pure pleasure at the source of being, which is experienced so vividly at the peak of the sexual orgasm and in the moment of spiritual enlightenment, is known as "ananda" or love-bliss-peace-awareness without limits.