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-Therapeutic Massage on a table is from $120/hr--(non-erotic)-ease stress & muscle tension w/ a combination of swedish, deep tissue, relaxation techniques, acupressure, scalp massage & more..includes healing hand massager & bongers..a body scrub & body shampoo + hot stones..  UNWIND!! RELAX!! DE-STRESS!! REJUVENATE!!

-Full Body Sensual Meltdown/Kama Sutra Mystique==(FBSM) & (KSM) is $150/hr or $200/90 minutes==combining kama sutra undertone plus erotic massaging of all parts of your body and ending at your erogenous zones... a pick-me-up series of squeezes that fire up the nerves, boost circulation and better blood flow + lots of pampering, caressing, light fingertip/feathery touches -- i fuel the excitement with long, slow distribution of sensual energy -- deliberate strokes & a sexy lingam dance and power stretches enveloping a smooth, yet intensive conclusion..sending shivers and quivers from your head to your toes..**Major goose bumps**

-Tantra Massage:  Tantralizing Massage & Tantra Seduction 101 (bronze-level 1)**my signature style & most requested** is $200/hr or $300/90 minutes or $400/120 minutes or $500/150 minutes--sustaining & directing a high voltage of kundalini energy, creative START-STOP-START feel good prolong teasingtm & escalating arousal** you will xxperience the "hold back" method==my way** keeping count of every stroke while pushing you to a state of near utopia over and over**, tingly lingam massage (wand of light), sweet external spot & male g-spot manipulation (face2face or on your knees)==the "Aneros" stimulator included in sessions 90 minutes & over--creates a whole lotta shakin'...i love to use masks to heighten nonvisual sensations, sensual tie-ups, flirtatious feathers & puffs, stamina training units & a cornucopia of other erotic items to enhance and initiate long-lasting moments of ineffable joy..GOOD things come 2 those who can wait!!!

3-hour Tantralizing Bonanza (silver-level 2) is $600==this lengthy massage session is guaranteed to leave you physically sated as i keep you in the high arousal zone using all level 1 techniques with additional non-stop teasing tricks from my vast repertoire**increasing & decreasing intensity** for hours...endurance is necessary 4 this prolonged prelude--XXplosive, Convulsive Multi-wave of indescribable bliss.

-Body2Body Slippery Glide Tango Massage (Bodyssage)**similar to Nuru Massage is $200/hr--Skin on Skin=belly to belly--the thrill of having the weight of my body pressing, slipping, sliding & massaging your body with slippery glides using my breast, arms, legs** sexy head-to-toe hugging--figure 8 style & scissor squeeze, covering you as you melt into my arms-slathered in special pepee lotion or nuru gel & giving that xtra ummpph for optimum slipperiness...electrifying & xxplosive skintensity**easy slip n slide on my black fitted PVC play sheet..with a creamy boob finale

-Combo of Tantra & Body2Body Tango Massage is $250/75 minutes--(2nd most requested & my signature style)==both massages combined with repeating cycles of stimulation and several pauses, our  slick, pepee oiled bodies are pressed 2gether in a rubbing embrace with up-and-down slithering motions...creating an oasis of pleasure & volcanic eruptions***earth shattering tremors all over ** powerful intense wave-like pulsations and a definite sensory overload with a creamy boob finale***not on PVC sheet unless requested

-Dark Tantra Exploration/Dark Eros is $300/hr or $400/90 minutes--"Man is an Apprentice & Pain is his Mistress" --The Power of Power (at my discretion & not offered on 1st session)--my kinkbag is full of erotic, unique & kinky items/toys i call kiniquestm... 4 the adventurous spirit==fantasies, fetishes, tantra tease/denial, a little role play, sensation play, cbt, tt, light otk Tantric paddling, strap-on delights, the sweetest golden nectar blessing made fresh daily**lightly sprinkled or full flowing--Mmmm Mmmm Good 2 the last drop, + complete surrendering 2 your Tantric Tigresstm... a 3-hour session is also available..

-Ultimate Body Pampering is $300/hr or $400/90 minutes-- includes the above sensualizing tantric massage/tantric bath with plush towel dry & a very special treat **tantric scissors**-- leaving you breathless at the end..

-Honoring the God & Goddess 4 VIPs (5 star friends only) is $500/hr or $1000 for 2.5 hrs**extended pvt time--*undressing you*, total bliss & relaxation/romantic bubble bath with mutual towel dry/tasty fruits & chocolates with whip cream/champagne/combo Tantra massage/sensual & erotic process of honoring, **learning the art of foreplay using seduction 101 techniques with guidance**making me your delicious, edible appetizer as you slowly untie my Naughty Knot.  Bonus: I will show you head-to-toe hot spots to give your woman the ultimate full body massage with over 10+ heavy duty erogenous zones to stimulate.

All sessions with BATHS include: **my scent-sational pampering, spoiling, teasing and tigress style -soapy massage-fully lathered, lots of body sliding, gooey rubbing, scrubbing & bathing you all over- with yummy dessert 4 the skin souffles and frostings** a candlelit ambience, chilled wine, peach brandy, limoncello or you can bring champagne,  a frothy bubble bath with treasures of the sea salts, silky foams and crystals, rose pedals, kama sutra soaking oils, head pillows, personal bathing sponge, relaxing music, exotic movies, special playful objects, heated plush towels, soothing soaps,  and more goodies.

***PLEASE prepare for any session listed above and address your hygiene b4 arriving***If you have a meal, eat light--not heavy

++APPTS can be arranged the same day--(w/in an hour or so after screening process)--but sometimes prebooking is necessary.  First time clients can prebook 24-48 or at most 72 hours in advance.

++I exert alot of energy during sessions, and therefore I do not schedule back 2 back appts. I prefer to be fresh & 100% for our time 2gether. I also prefer the "quality" appt first--over quanity. All of my sessions are unrushed.  I focus on you & only you for the full length of the appt time (no need to watch the clock--ex:  you pay for 90 minutes, you get 90 minutes). No worries!!  *You will need to allow additional time on your first visit so that we may get aquainted with each other*.

++Baths and a few other sessions require advance preparation & not offered last minute.

I do not offer full service/gfe and this is not a massage parlor. NO waiting area! I can only see one person at a time!!

**All massages are exclusively for men**

see all specials & coupons

++Tips are appreciated but never required

++Cash and credit cards accepted... *proper ids*

++Cash donations should be presented in an envelope

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